Day After Easter

Hello humans,

Another busy week has come, dealt its blows, and left me tired. First things first in exciting news, we had a baptism this past Saturday of a crazy thirteen-year-old kid name Brian. He’s been asking us for weeks when he could get baptized, but we could never find his mom to talk to her and get her permission. The Lord works in mysterious ways though and two weeks ago while making rounds to recent converts houses, we found her enjoying some time with some of our branch members. We snuck in a quick lesson with her, the Hermana Dorrego (she’s such a champ), totally got her feeling all comfortable with everything gospel related and finally got Carmen (Brian’s mom) to come to church. Anyways, Carmen, she’s so hard to get to it’s crazy, but she finally made it to church after like five weeks of trying, we got her permission to allow us to baptize Brian on Saturday, and to top it all off, she made it to church solo yesterday. That’s an accomplishment of accomplishments here. People don’t do anything without friends. Often. But yeah, the hope is we’ll be able to commit her to be baptized before she moves to Neuqen in two weeks. We’ll see what the Lord has planned for her/us.

Other exciting happenings:

I’ve come to learn that the mosquitoes in Jumanji are, in fact, not elements of fiction. They exist, and they eat me. I’m literally covered in quarter-sized mosquito bites – more than I can count. My ankles are the prime target and the poor things are so swollen they don’t fit in my shoes right anymore. Lo que sea. La vida es dulce. The other night my companion and I stayed up til almost midnight hunting down all the mosquitoes in our room – the battle was won, around seventy or so mosquitoes experienced the sweet squish of death as we conquered our foes. I can’t help but feel it was somewhat pointless though as I still woke up with bites everywhere. The best ones are on the bottom of the feet.

We did divisions this week too. My district leader, Elder Tagge from Woods Cross, Utah (in the Bountiful region), is training an Elder from Las Pampas – a province in Argentina, named Elder Torancio. Love ’em both to death. Anyways, the fun part of the story is my trainer decided he wanted a day with Elder Tagge. Long story short, they decided it would be fun to send two newbies off to work together for a day. That said, I got the wonderful opportunity to work with an awesome Latino comp and see how ”good” my Spanish is. Sooo many crazy things are happening this transfer. Opening an area, whitewashing it, moving into a new place, and now working with another new elder who only had 12 days of MTC training in Buenos Aires. Life moves quick. The Lord’s expectations are high.

Other than that, we played some volleyball at a multi-ward activity last Friday, owned it up, and today played basketball with the other zone here in Formosa. There was no Easter celebration had, just work. The way a mission should be.

Sorry for the brevity of this letter this week. I love you all and thank you for your support.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Correspondence to Grandma/Grandpa Walker:


I can’t even begin to describe the entirely different world I’m living in down here, but what’s amazing is amidst the confusion and uncertainty that seems to be the norm of every day argentine life, it’s settling in and feels normal to me too. We’re in the first few weeks of fall right now and honestly the ”cold” hasn’t hit us until yesterday. It only lasts a few hours in the morning and cools off a bit at night, but we’re hoping it settles in for a while.

My area is right on the edge of the ”monte” – wilderness, essentially, and it’s pretty rural. We have horses that just wander the streets grazing and hideous dogs everywhere. It’s awesome to hear that the family’s doing well and I hope to hear more about them in the weeks to come.

Love you all, there’s the Lord’s work to be done.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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