Another Week


Hello family and friends! Let’s fill up his inbox this Easter weekend with letters! He gets to view his mail on Mondays and reply only to family members that way. He can write letters to the rest of you, and it only takes a week to receive them~we got our first hard-copy letter in just a week! Thank you for taking the time to just drop him a quick note of love and encouragement…it means a lot…

This entry is a combination of letters…the first from the morning when he was on the computer and I asked him a series of questions and he answered me. Then, later in the day, he wrote his letter filled with experiences. Let’s keep praying for him and all the missionaries serving. It is a challenging experience but filled with life lessons we all must learn somehow, someway.

Happy Easter to all you dear family and friends. It is a pleasure to know you and love you….Marsi 

1. how’s your health?

2. how’s the heat?

3. where do you launder your clothing?

4. what is your companion’s name and where is he from?

5. how is your mission president and wife?

6. do you have a comfortable bed? or a bed at all?

7. who is your favorite investigator this week?

8. what experience has taught you the most this past week?

9. are the members feeding my boy? anything besides cookies with honey and hot chocolate?

10. is the reality meeting or exceeding your expectations?

i’ll be patiently awaiting your reply….xoxoxo

Health wise, all is well. I’m healthy, I was a little sick earlier last week, Thursdayish, but it passed pretty quickly. Food here does not do the body good. Everything is cooked or served with oil.

The heat is ridiculous. 85 degrees feels cool, the humidity is insane so we’re constantly sweating, but it really feels normal.

As per laundry, we either hand wash our own or have hermanas from the branch do some for us

The companion is named Matthew Schneider and hails from Murray Utah

The mission president seems really cool. He used to be a Seventy and apparently he’s changed this from one of the most evil and unproductive missions in the world to one of the more successful in the americas. His time is up in June though.

My bed is absolutely terrible – a piece of foam for a mattress. It serves its purpose though.

Our investigators are difficult. I’ll try to talk about them in my big letter later

Experience… I don’t know. I feel like things are getting progressively harder as I want to be able to do more, but can’t. I just keep setting goals and trying to get over my I can work as hard as possible, improve, learn, and overcome my fears. There are so many fears I have when I have time to think, I just try to keep myself occupied… There’s just only so much I can do. I don’t like it.

the members are feeding us. The branch only has so many active members, so we’re pretty close with those few. All are dirt poor though so every meal is rice or noodles with chicken and liters of oil

The reality is nothing you can prepare for. Live and learn. That’s really all you can do. I have a long time left, at some point I’ll grow.

1. Can you get pictures on this email? Can I forward you photos and you’ll see them?

2. Do you have a computer there at your casita?

3. How does the finances work?

4. Do they celebrate Easter?

yes I can get pictures. The computers we use are at little computer shops called cibers (seebers). It’s like an internet cafe and you pay per every like half hour or so. We get 800 pesos (200 dollars) at the start of every month. IF you can, I’d like a balance sumary of my sdccu acount so I can find out what I have in case I want to buy jerseys or anything. easter’s way big here too because it’s a catholic country. It’s a week long celebration.


First things first, I did get the pictures that Mom sent me to the MTC. I got them last Monday after I wrote so I didn’t get the chance to let you know. As I was looking at them I had the realization that the kids are going to be two years older when I return. I don’t know how I feel about that haha.

Anyways, the week’s been rough, but good. By rough, I simply mean people are people and they have their agency to choose between accepting the Restored gospel or not. Unfortunately, this week many chose not to accept. So many people lie to us telling us they’ll be home at a certain time ready to receive us, and yet fail to be there when we arrive. It’s sad more than anything. My companion and I just go forward in faith knowing the Lord will guide us to those who are ready in His time. As time goes on, you start to feel genuine sorrow for those who choose not to accept us. I still can’t understand everything, but time brings growth. I just try hard to trust in the Lord, worry more about the people, and less about myself.

Although rough, plenty of fun things have happened as well. For instance, this week I ate chicken hearts, got sick, asked for homemade bread at a store and got laughed at (then given free bread because they just thought it was funny), and celebrated my companion’s 21st birthday. On top of that, something hilarious happened in the middle of a lesson on Friday.

We’re teaching this kid Lucas. He just turned 19 and he’s been meeting with the missionaries for two years. The kid knows everything, he just doesn’t want to get baptized because ”he’s scared he’ll fall” once he’s baptized. Essentially, the kid just wont stop fornicating with his 14 year-old girlfriend. He’s an interesting case. We committed him to be baptized this coming week, but we’ll see how that turns out. He’s committed to baptism who knows how many times already. Anyways, we were sitting and talking with him out front of his house under some power lines. A bird flew up and landed on the wire above us and Lucas bolted inside. My comp and I just looked at each other a bit confused, and a few seconds later Luca comes back out with a slingshot. The bird flies away right as he gets to us, he looks up, and right as he does, another bird lands on the wire. He turns to us and says, ”well, should I kill it?” and without second thought, lines up his shot, and nails the bird as it takes off the wire. With a final squeak, the bird flaps up once and lands dead right behind us. Lucas runs over to grab the bird, calls over his cat, and the cat takes off with it. All this happens in the space of like 30 seconds in the middle of a lesson, and my comp and I just bust up laughing. I love Argentina.

I’m out of time, but I love you all and will fill you in with more fun next week. I should have a few baptisms to report 🙂


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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2 Responses to Another Week

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Another addition to the Amazing Adventures of Steven in Argentina. A book needs to be written when all is said and done. What a lifetime of memories you are making and what gratitude you are accumulating for all you is blessed with in your life. Keep up the great work. Steven. XOXOX

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    PS Loved the story about the boy, the slingshot, the bird and the cat!! That would make a great story to ellaborate on and to write. You would do an amazing job with your writing prowess!!

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