Hola Humans

My boy is ready to go~This letter is filled with enthusiasm and one adventure-seeking missionary! I especially  like the last sentence!!! Enjoy~Marsi 🙂

Six days. Thug life. MTC’s been real, but it’s time for the work to begin and I couldn’t be more stoked/psyched/pumped/freaked out/loving it. It’s time for the adventure of a lifetime to begin. I’m ready to live.
So, now for a few short summarized stories to be condensed into one ramble of classy occurrences. So we have our different teaching scenarios every week, Saturday to be exact, and this week we taught a lady the plan of Salvation tied together with the Word of Wisdom. Pobrecita thought we were on a completely different week so she wasn’t prepared at all for the lesson we had prepared or the role she had to play, but the spirit was there and everything went along fantastic. As we started getting deep into the lesson, she started asking genuine questions of her own, completely off the track of the scenario we had prepared for it. I love it when they do that. It’s way more real and high class. Anyways, as we were going along she started telling us how she had been having problems with her food intake and that what we had taught about the Word of Wisdom was exactly what she had been needing to hear – to hear the blessings that come from living it. She said she reads the Book of Mormon all the time (she’s a member who volunteers every week), but she rarely reads Doctrine and Covenants. There’s some fantastic promises made to us in that book. All around it was jsut way encouraging to see the Lord work through us to bless His children. The lady also asked how long I had spoken Spanish and was blown away when I told her only eight weeks. She kept saying “increible” and needless to say, that’s more than a little encouraging.
Goal of the week that’s been set by some of my floormates for me is to run into Tom from TOMS shoes and convert him. I’ve totally got this one.
Travel wise, I fly out first thing Monday the 21st at 11:10am, get to Atlanta at 4:46pm, convert everyone in the airport over the next three hours, and then ship off to Buenos Aires at 7:50pm getting there at 6:50am the following morning. I’m soo ready to live. It’s definitely going to be an adventure. Especially considering the fact that Resistencia is a good 400 miles or so from Buenos Aires and our travel plans say nothing about how we’re covering that distance. I might be looking forward to a nice 20+ hour bus ride. En serio. This is going to be epic. Nothing like teaching someone in a Sassy Rolls Royce Phantom, that type of class is reserved for the notorious Elder Shane Pittson. Such an inspiration to me. If you read this, my friend, stay classy. I’m sure you’re tearing it up. My prayers go out in your behalf.
I love you all. Live your lives like you’re preparing to meet you maker, because you are. I mean that in a positive way . He loves you. I love you. Peace and blessings. Elder Walker
Mother – I’m allowed to call home from the airport, so I’ll probably call from Atlanta. Mark it on the calendar. If it’s be better from Salt Lake in the morning, dearelder me and let me know.

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2 Responses to Hola Humans

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Travel safely and much love to you XO Your adventure begins!!!

  2. Janelle says:

    Marsi-let us know how the phone call goes. Good luck on this new life adventure, Elder Walker! You’ll do awesome. May the Lord be with you.

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