Less Than Two

I’m here today working on my computer and I see a call from an 801 area code…my heart skips a beat and I answer: “This is the MTC Health Clinic, is the parent of Elder Steven Walker there?” “Oh my, I say,” “This is she, I’m his mom!” The nurse said Elder Walker has a rash on both feet and wondered if we have insurance. I’m thinking athlete’s foot with all those men, but who knows?? I tell her we have Kaiser, but that’s only in So. California. She assures me that “missionary medical” will cover it and he need only pay a $10 co-pay. I then asked if I could say hello to him (had to try at least…she of course, said no, but said she’d give him a message…”Tell him I love him to pieces and hope he feels better!” She said, “He loves you too…it’s not too bad, and don’t worry!” Soooo close to him…it was cool! She said he’d communicate via letters how he’s improving. Just a little test to help humble him, I guess. He did say he welcomed the trials, remember?!
I hope all is well with you all. Please feel free to share this blog. His testimony inspires me each week and I feel so blessed to be his momma….
PS…He’s using his Spanish a bit more now…you may need the translator to help at the end of this one 🙂
So, I answered mother’s questions today as I got them first thing this morning and they’re kind of long answers so I’m just going to mail them to you to save my email time that is ever diminishing.
I hope this email finds you all well on what is a cold and slightly snowy day here in Happy Valley. Yesterday we were blessed with rain and I had hoped to not have to worry about snow again for two years, but I guess the Lord sees more room for me to humble myself.
Life is good. Days are hardly noticeable and weeks are a blur. I fear these emails may seem redundant but in all seriousness it is difficult to remember the difference between events that occurred yesterday and last month. I will share with you a few of the things that have stood out to me amidst the blend of days.
Every Thursday night, those of us who long for a bit of musical interaction sing in the MTC choir at devocionals. We practice once on the Sunday before, an hour before the devotional, and then perform. I was in choir when they were filming us before and during the devotional.Anyways, this past week we sang my favorite of all hymns, Come Thou Fount. I feel with all my heart that as we sing, angels were there singing with us. For having only two rehearsals, the sound is heavenly. I managed to accomplish something this week in this song that I never have been able to before. I hit a high F. My vocal range has never gone that high so small blessings are definitely being worked here.
During the devocional, our speaker Richard C. Edgely of the presiding bishopric said something really enjoyable. I’m pretty sure he was recounting the story of President Hinckley right before he left on his mission and the note or saying or something to that effect that his Father gave him as he was about to leave. The words that were communicated were “Be not afraid, only believe.” What counsel. There is no room in any of our lives for fear or doubt or uncertainty as long as we put our faith in and trust the will of the Lord. He will guide and provide. For a young, very inexperiencd missionary about to be sent off to a foreign country for the first time in my life, summarizing my desired mentality in those simple five words was a splendid treat. I know the Lord will guide me so long as I believe.
I only have my Spanish scriptures with me as I’ve been reading el Libro de MormĂłn lately since I finished it in InglĂ©s, but one of the best scriptures I´ve run into so far is 1 Nefi 4:6. It says, “E iba guiado por el EspĂ­ritu sin saber de antemano lo que tendrĂ­a hacer.” As a roungh inglish translation, it says And I was lead by the spirit, not knowing beforehand that which I should do. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost – this is the Gospel of Christ. As I follow my faith and listen to the Spirit, I can do things the Lord wants me to do even without knowing what those things are beforehand. DeberĂ­amos tener la fe, esperanza, caridad y amor que necesitamos para progresar en la obra de Dios. Este es mi llamado. Soy un misionero de Dios el AltĂ­simo, mi Salvador y Redentor. Sin su ayuda, no puedo ser salvado. Por eso, estoy agradecido para siempre. Jesucristo muriĂł por los pecados de todo el mundo. Yo sĂ© con todo mi corozĂłn que Ă©l está viviendo ahora y Ă©l nos ama. He loves you all as well.
May he bless you con todos lad bendiciones que necesitan.
This is my prayer,
My love extends to you all, thank you
Elder Steven Walker

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1 Response to Less Than Two

  1. Janelle says:

    Great to get a feel for what it is like for him and the things he is doing. Glad the call from the health clinic wasn’t serious.

    Here’s a translation from the first site I used, so I don’t know how correct it it. But it is a beautiful testimony.

    We should have faith, hope, charity and love we need to progress in the work of God. This is my calling. I am a missionary from God Almighty, my Savior and Redeemer. Without their help, I can not be saved. So, I am forever grateful. Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world. I know with all my heart he is living now and he loves us.

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