And the Days are Fewer…

Forgive my delay in posting this letter. Enjoy…and I’ll post tomorrow’s letter as soon as I receive it! Blessings to each and every one of you! Smiles, Marsi

And so the days count fewer. Six or seven weeks or whatever it’s been have really passed by without notice, it seems. Days blend together as sleep becomes harder to obtain due to the pondering that never ceases. As the count stands, I have 20 days left in this grand country. An interesting concept, considering how I’ve never left it. Whatever the state of mind I find myself in, whether lost in thought or simply lost, I can’t help but feel a simple yet profound love for my Savior. He truly is my strongest support and sure foundation.
The MTC is an interesting place of self-realization. With each passing day I learn and see a little something about myself that differentiates me from those around me. Before a mission, you see the missionaries and in your mind, they are servants of the Lord through and through. When a young man reaches that point as a missionary, he’s in fantastic shape. It’s a difficult path getting there though. Seldom do we truly recognize the transformation that must occur in a person to change from someone focused on acheiving their own goals and fulfilling their own desires, to becoming a true servant of the Lord dedicated to giving whatever is required to fulfill his will. This is the person I yearn to become.
The Lord expects a lot out of us and at times those expectations are difficult to meet. Nothing is impossible with the Lord’s help.
This week has been yet another of incredible growth and realizations. I’ve come to realize how selfish I really am. How much I really care about me, and how much I really care about others. If I have offended or disgruntled you in any way over the time that I’ve known you due to my self centeredness and condescencion, please forgive me. I am striving to improve and love all people equally with a love similar to Christ’s. I also ask you to forgive me for the weakness of my words at this time. I have an alarming multiplicity of emotions flowing through me and my thoughts aren’t exactly coherent.
I love you all. I apologize for the brevity of this email, I will try to be clearer next week. If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
Elder Steven Reid Walker

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A happy, healthy, and optimistic momma!
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1 Response to And the Days are Fewer…

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Steven, you are and always have been a fantastic young man. Do not doubt yourself or apoligize for anything you have done in your life . You are dedicating yourself to Christ and your mission now and you will be a fantastic missionary. I am so proud to know you and to have taught such an amazing young person. You make me proud and your parents and family beyond words. Xo Mrs.C.

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