Week 4 Has Ended

Steven has hit the half-way mark. I can sense his anxiety to get to Argentina…enough of Provo already 🙂 But he is striving to keep a positive outlook, I hope! I asked him a few questions and he gave me short and “sweet” answers.

I still look forward to Tuesdays~it’s my new favorite day of the week!  Enjoy… Marsi

1. Do you want more sd cards?
2. How’s the food this week?
3. Who is your actual companion and where is he from?
4. Have you done sealings? (That’s an ordinance in the temple~)
5. Do you check your email daily? If so, do you want me/us to write to that account?
6. What’s your favorite room at the MTC?

Yes I would like more sd cards. I don’t know how much they are, but I love taking pictures so the more the merrier. The food is food. They make some rather interesting things. My actual companion is Elder Harris and he’s from Henderson (Las Vegas). I have yet to do sealings. Today I had to miss our temple trip to meet with the Argentine consul. I do not check my email daily. It is limited to 30 minutes on p day. You can just send me dear elders. My favorite room is whichever one I can find that is naturally lit with a little white noise coming from a fan. At the present, it is an empty classroom in the french zone on the floor below us. That’s where we do most of our studying. My companion hates it though. Little things like white noise drive him insane. I drive him insane though and I’m not small. Such is life. (One of the toughest lessons I think he’ll learn on his mission is how to get along with others….I think it’s the hardest thing for most of us!)

Now to his letter:

Life is rolling along rather smoothly here. We’ve reached the point where we’re rather sick of the whole MTC deal itself and really just want to get out into the field. We’re over anxious and by no means ready, but our hearts are more or less in the right place with our desire to serve increasing day by day. This morning we met with the Argentine consul to get our visa papers signed and spent the first hour and a half just talking about Argentina itself and all the diversity, culture, people, standards of living, what have you. I queried him as to the nature of the area whereI would be serving, that being the provinces of Chaco, Formosa, Misiones, Corrientes, and Northern Santa Fe. His answer both surprised and excited me. I had known previously that The cities I would be in are rather poor. Resistencia itself has more than 56% of it’s people living below the poverty line. I was prepared and excited to work in a more impoverished area. What I didn’t know, and what he informed me of, is the fact that outside of the cities, and there aren’t very many (Resistencia itself is only about 5 square miles in size), but outside of the cities as you move to more rural areas, the people are living more or less in the same way that their predecessors did 500 years ago. There is no technology, no plumbing, no electricity, cars, anything. It sounds remarkable. I’m sure it would be very difficult, but I hope I make it out to an area like that at some point. Other than that, I have the most desirable climate in my area similar to that of Belize (that’s the country most similar to the Misiones province according to the consul).
Anyways, not much has happened this week other than that. I’ve finished Alma in the book of Mormon and absolutely love it. Moroni and Teancum in those last 20 chapters or so are just phenomenal men. The descriptions given of Moroni are remarkable, and someday I hope to become a person to which those same traits can be associated. If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon, I would encourage you to do so. If anything, just to learn from the examples of some incredible figures. Also, a few key chapters I would encourage everyone to read which focus on the Doctrine of Christ are 2 Nephi 31, 3 Nephi 11, and 3 Nephi 27. The Book of Mormon is the most amazing book I’ve ever read. In the paraphrased words of the Prophet Joseph Smith, my hero, A man can grow closer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. I testify of the validity of that statement. Put it to the test. Read it and pray to know of its truth. I love you all and wish you well.
God be with you.
Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to Week 4 Has Ended

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Your time will come soon Steven. Each day in Provo will prepare you for your adventures in Argentina. Think of all you are learning and experiencing. ( I guess I sound like a teacher, don’t I !!??) Thinking of you. You will be on your way soon.

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