Steven’s First Official Letter!

Steven sent this on Tuesday~I would have posted sooner, but thought he didn’t want the entire letter on the blog, only to find out that the last sentence of the letter was private, not the entire thing! I’m a blonde…always my excuse 🙂 Enjoy! Thanks for reading and make comments as you wish~I’ll forward them to him!

Still alive. During the day it seems like time passes by so slowly, but looking back at the days that you’ve already survived, you realize how fast time flies when you spend 14 hours a day in class and studying. The first week has been really nice to be completely honest. When you’re always busy, it’s hard to get frustrated with whatever it is you don’t know.
There’s so many people here that I know from home, high school, BYU, it’s crazy. Shane Pittson, Grant Myers, Parker Dow, Alex Teemsma, Brad Dillman, and many more.
The hardest thing for me over the past week has honestly been my calling. My second day here, last thursday, we were interviewed by the branch presidency and they extended me the call to serve as district leader. We have on of the largest districts in our branch with 12 people – ten elders y 2 hermanas. Many of them facing difficult circumstances at home as they’ve made the decision to come serve the Lord. One elder had his father pass away in November while he was off at BYU Hawaii. He’s the oldest son and has 7 sisters so I’ve been trying to make sure his spirits are high while he’s here. His companion is perfect for him because he’s a high spirited guy who knows how to work when he needs to. It’s incredible how the Lord gives us exactly the person we need in our lives justat the right moment. I’ve witnessed a lot of that over the past week. My personal companion, while we were doing companionship study yesterday, broke down and confided in me all his doubts, fears, and assumed inadequacies. Amazingly, I had experienced nearly everything he’s struggling with at some point over the past three years so I know exactly how to help him and hopefully he’ll be able to recognize my love for him and the gospel as I do that.
On a more lighthearted note, the DearElder thing is pretty cool. It’s really an exciting thing to get letters and hear from the outside world. Handwritten ones mean the most. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few every now and then…
As per spanish, the learning process is going along way faster than I thought it would. Not exactly as fast as I hoped, but much faster. After a week, I can now pray, bear testimony, recite the first vision from memory, ask questions to get to know someone, and I can almost deliver the entire first lesson (that’s the goal for this week) entirely in spanish.
Fun fact: I’m not the tallest elder here. There’s one in my zone going to Colombia who’s 6′ 10″ and another I’ve seen around who’s 7′ 2″.
I wanted to send some pictures, but I guess the MTC computers don’t let you upload them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some prints and send some home. If not, maybe circumstances will be different in Argentina.
Apparently the date I leave the MTC is March 21st. Hopefully that doesn’t change. A lot of elders going to South America haven’t been able to get visas. I don’t know that much about Argentina’s situation, but for other countries, things aren’t going very smoothly.
I love this gospel and know it’s true. I pray I can help everyone I come in contact to whatever minor degree possible. If there’s anything I can do for you, although my resources are limited, I will do what I can.
Running out of email time,
Elder Steven Reid Walker
PS. Someone needs to fill me in on the BYU v SDSU game tomorrow night. LUKE – I choose you.

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One Response to Steven’s First Official Letter!

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Loved reading your letter , Steven and hearing how well you are doing. I am not surprised at all to know what a fast learner you are and how wonderful things are going for you. I know that your heart and mind are ready for this mission . I have no doubt you will serve the Lord well and with your whole heart. The only thing that amazed me was that there was someone taller than you there!! Now that is something!! Know you are always on my mind. Much love. Mrs. C XO

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