Phase one

January 19, 2011. This is the day I report to the Provo MTC and begin my two years of service. It still hasn’t really set in. I hear mixed stories about the place, but predominantly good things. The food always tends to be a hot topic. If it fills me up and lets me sleep at night, I’ll be perfectly fine. The one thing I’m really excited for more than anything is the crazy amount of work and studying and learning that I get to do in the MTC. 14 or so hours of class and studying everyday sounds blissful to me. As long as I have something to do, something to devote my time and effort to, I’ll be content.

The past few days have been slightly stressful as we’ve been getting everything assembled and packed, but overall, I’ve enjoyed my break from all the other stresses of the world. School, work, social relations, etc. Honestly, it’s quite surreal. I’ve spent the last year and a half watching as my best friends have received their calls and entered the field, now it’s finally my turn. I thought I felt anxious, but it simply feels right. It is my turn. I have been called on a mission to serve the Lord and his people in the Argentina Resistencia mission. I couldn’t be more excited.


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